Special Projects / Business Consultancy

The dynamic business environment of corporations, the rigorous control of headcount, the necessity of strict internal control and the complexity of current tax scenario of Brazil force company to encounter serious difficulties in meeting internal and external obligations, especially in seasonal

With a team of trained professionals, Apriori provides the following business solutions that adapt as per timeline and complexity:

  • Allocation of professionals on a temporary basis to support the accounting, tax, finance and human resource area.
  • Tax analysis of the current and new activity of the company on the basis of tax regime adopted for calculation of Corporate Income tax and to provide better alternative if any.
  • Analysis and cross verification of federal and state tax obligation.
  • Reprocessing of accounting, tax, labor and social security activities.
  • Generation and/or rectification of tax obligations like, ECD, ECF, EFD, ICMS, EFD Contributions etc.
  • Assistance in the preparation of annual budget, review and follow-up.
  • Strategic management analyses of financial statements.
  • Support in configuration of ERPs.
  • Solution for scanning of documents and electronic files.
  • Implementation of eSocial.