Corporate and management accounting

Based on trust and responsibility that applies to all the services of Apriori, the Corporate and management accounting department is responsible for checking and processing monthly accounting transactions enabling the management to have correct and accurate accounting and management information.

In addition, through our qualified professional, we help our customers in their dynamic and customized decision making through understanding of accounting and managerial reports.

Our responsibilities include;

  • Processing of accounting information in accordance with Brazilian corporate legislation.
  • Elaboration of monthly financial reports and balance sheet;
  • Preparation of monthly analysis and reconciliations;
  • Control of fixed asset register and monthly depreciation;
  • Maintenance of inventory, calculation of average cost and cost of goods and services sold.
  • Elaboration of management report for international clients head office.
  • Preparation of annual financial statements.
  • Elaboration of SPED accounting.
  • Conversion of financial reports/statements in foreign currency as per USGAAP and IFRS.
  • Strategic analysis of financial statements.
  • Attending internal and external audits.