Corporate and Paralegal

This department is responsible for setting up of company and registering it with all government agencies, closure of the company and regularization. Other services include obtaining clearance certificates, assistance in buying and renovation of digital certificates, registration with Central Bank of Brazil with the objective of minimizing the effort in resolving bureaucratic process always with excellence and efficiency.

With the objective to maintain the quality of the service, the department is subdivided into;

Paralegal Services

  • Name search with Board of Trade, Civil Registry of entities and Notary Offices.
  • Setting up, alteration, closing and merger of legal entities as a limited liability company (Ltd), public limited company and Individual company.
  • Registration with Board of Trade, Federal Revenue, City Town hall, State Secretariat, Social Security, Caixa Economica Federal, Labor Unions and Memberships.
  • Elaboration of annual declaration for IBGE.
  • Regular monitoring with Tax authorities to very tax pendency if any, through monthly/quarterly debt certificates.
  • Assistance to obtain “RADAR” certificate for the purpose of import.
  • COAF – Registration with Control Council of Financial Activities

Brazilian Central Bank Services

Brazilian Central Bank (BCB) determines that investments in Brazil should be registered with SISBACEN (Information System of BCB), as well as the repatriation of capital in foreign currency invested in Brazil. Additionally the BCB also requires that all import of goods with due date exceeding 360 (three hundred and sixty) days and import of good without hedge designated for capital infusion of the company should be registered.

The main services include:

  • Registration of financial operations in SISBACEN (RDE-IED) for foreign capital, Remittance, capital gains, reduction of capital, etc.)
  • Analyses and Registration of Financial Operations – ROF with SISBACEN.
  • Preparation of Declaration of Brazilian Capital outside Brazil (DCBE) with BACEN.
  • Preparation of Declaration of Foreign Capital in Brazil.

SISCOSERV – System wherein all foreign transaction related to Services are informed. It includes;

  • Analysis of foreign operations of services as per Brazilian Nomenclature of Services
  • Registration of service operation in Siscoserv System realized between residents of Brazil and foreign residents as per the timeline established.
  • Consultancy related to type of services, classification under NBS and the way it should be registered in SISCOSERV.