The tax regime may considerably affect the supply chain, both nationally and internationally, and strongly influence competitiveness, risk management, financial performance and consequently the profitability of the company.

It is important to mention that the tax authorities are increasingly assertive and integrated, allowing the cross verification of all tax information to verify the situation of each contributor as far as tax dues are concerned. Therefore, to manage efficiently the tax process in many situation is a matter of survival and / or competitive advantage in business world.

Automation is the key word these days and represents a change in culture and behavior of companies, portraying the need to adjust the demands of the tax authorities. The main care is related to data generation, security of information, data storage and its sharing.

We assist our clients in the review and determination of their tax liabilities in accordance with the legislation in force, through the provision of the services listed below:

  • Analysis and tracking of documents issued and received with regard to tax issues.
  • Guidance on the procedure of issue of invoices.
  • Issue of Sales and service invoices.
  • Book keeping of purchase invoice, Sales and Service invoice through automatic capturing process and elaboration of obligatory tax registers as required by law.
  • Preparation, verification and submission of various tax obligations and other requirements of tax authorities.
  • Calculation and preparation of tax receipts for City, State and Federal taxes.
  • Preparation of Annual Tax declaration for legal entities (ECF, earlier DIPJ).
  • Preparation of tax registers
  • Attending tax inspections - Federal, State and City.


All the above activities of taxes are performed by qualified professionals of Apriori who are in constant knowledge enhancement process through training. This enables to fulfill the obligations with quality and as per the timeline established under the law.